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Swim Parent Etiquette

1. When not working at a swim meet, the job of a swim parent is to encourage and support your swimmer. Please do not coach your swimmer from the side. We have three coaches on the team, therefore, please allow them to coach.

2. It is your responsibility to declare (or "RSVP") for your swimmer no later than 12:00 p.m. the Thursday prior to each swim meet via Lakeside Hurricanes's Swimtopia website. If you have not RSVP'd your swimmer by that time, the coaches will assume your swimmer will be attending that upcoming meet. It takes time to enter all swimmers in events as well as build relays. The coaches rely on your RSVP to build a swim meet roster for the team's most optimal swim field.

3. As a swim parent you have agreed to work one half of each meet your child swims. This includes both home and away meets. Swim meet jobs/positions are posted for each meet and you will be able to declare your job/position when you RSVP your swimmer's attendance to a meet. Please choose which job/position best suits you. Open jobs/positions not declared will automatically be assigned by the Jobs coordinator. If all jobs/positions aren't filled by the meet time, the Hurricanes may have to forfeit the meet. (Please see Meet Positions and Jobs page nested under the Parents Corner toggle of the website.)

4. Only children 10 years of age or older may be dropped off for practice or come to practice unaccompanied by an adult. Any child under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Parents should NEVER stop to talk to a coach during a practice unless the parent feels their child is in imminent danger. Any issue in which a parent needs to have a discussion with a coach should be brought to the coach’s attention via email and a mutually convenient meeting time should be identified. This will allow the coaches to focus on the swimmers during practice and meets and allow them to do their job effectively.

6. Do not compare swimmers. This is not effective or fair to the swimmer. All swimmers progress at their own pace in development. Swimmers do overhear this type of talk and take it to heart. Always encourage and support your swimmer and others swimmers to swim their best each and every time. The four most important things for our swimmers are: 1. Participation in practice and meets, 2. Developing and swimming a regulation stroke correctly (no DQ), 3. Cutting time (meaning a faster recorded time than in previous meets), 4. A positive "Good Swim" at the end of each practice and each meet event.

7. Remember our goal is for the kids to have fun and be active. Let’s all support them in a positive way.

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LSRC Hurricanes is an active Club swimming under the JRAC League.  JRAC League

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