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Swim Practice Etiquette (Swimmer)

1. Be on time! (Have your suit on, get your cap on, whatever you need to do, and be on deck a few minutes before the start of practice.) Latecomers disrupt their lane and the practice, and coaches may have to adjust the workout when a swimmer is late. 

2. Swim on the right side of the black line ("Swim to the Right"). 

3. Leave at least 5 seconds behind the swimmer in front of you. Ideally, the swimmer directly in front of you should be past the flags before you leave the wall. 

4. Don’t swim part of a set, and pretend you finished the whole thing. You do not want to be that person - your team mates will either think you can’t count or that you’re dishonest. 

5. Follow the way your coach has organized the lane order (fastest to slowest) they organize it this way for a reason even if you have to pass during the set go back to your position unless the coach askes you to move up in order before the next set. 

6. Only touch another swimmer's feet if you plan to pass that swimmer. 

7. Take advantage of the wall to practice powerful touches and strong push offs, and stay out of the way to allow other swimmers to do the same. Strong turns and finishes can win a race, but they require practice. 

8. If you must pass during a set, you should tap the next swimmer's foot once, and complete the pass between the flags. 

9. Most importantly, encourage your team mates especially the little ones, they look up to you and are the future of the team. This goes a long way in helping swimmers finish a hard practice! 

10. Thank your coach!

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LSRC Hurricanes is an active Club swimming under the JRAC League.  JRAC League

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